The Blair Witch Project

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Heather Donahue, Michael Williams, Joshua Leonard. A spooky documentary results in unthinkable horror for 3 movie students lost in the Maryland woods. This ingenious and extremely acclaimed scary movie set a new requirement for cinematic chills! 1999/color-b & w/87 min/R/fullscreen.

The Blair Witch Project
Anybody who has even the slightest problem with sleeping disorders after seeing a scary motion picture ought to keep away from The Blair Witch Project-- this movie will sneak under your skin and remain there for days. Credit for the effectiveness of this mock documentary goes to filmmakers Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez, who armed 3 stars (Heather Donahue, Michael Williams, and Josh Leonard) with video equipment, camping supplies, and rough plot lays out. They then let the trio loose into the Maryland woods to improvise and shoot the whole movie themselves as the filmmakers attempted to scare the crap out of them. Gimmicky, yes, but it worked-- to the wildly effective tune of $130 million at the box workplace upon its initial release (the spending plan was a simple $40,000).

For those of you who were under a rock when it initially struck the theaters, The Blair Witch Project tracks the doomed quest of 3 movie students shooting a documentary on the Burkittsville, Maryland, legend of the Blair Witch. After shooting some regional yokels (and offering only little background on the witch herself), the 3, led by Heather (something of a witch herself), head into the woods for some on-location shooting. They're never seen again. What we see is a reconstruction of their "discovered" video, edited to make a barely meaningful story. After losing their way in the forest, whining soon gives way to real horror as the 3 discover themselves stalked by unidentified forces that leave stacks of rocks outside their camping area and stick-figure art jobs in the woods. (As Michael succinctly puts it, "No hillbilly is this smart!") The masterstroke of the movie is that you never really see what's menacing them; everything is indicated, and there's no horror worse than that of the unidentified. If you can wade through the laborious suggesting-- and the shaky, motion-sickness-inducing camerawork-- you'll be rewarded with an oppressively ominous atmosphere and among the most frightening denouements in horror-film history. Even after you take away the monstrous buzz, The Blair Witch Project continues to be a real, reliable initial. -- Mark Englehart

Curse of the Blair Witch
Are you wondering simply exactly who the Blair Witch was? What the Burkittsville, Maryland, legend was everything about? Or just what amazed student filmmaker Heather and what possibly took her, Mike, and Josh from this earth? Get all your background questions addressed by Curse of the Blair Witch, a one-stop-shopping "documentary" initially produced for the Sci-Fi Channel as a tie-in marketing device. Entirely fictionalized, Curse of the Blair Witch concentrates both on the past and the present, with copious details on the Blair Witch myth as well as on the disappearance of Heather, Josh, and Mike. As it turns out, the initial witch was one Elly Kedward, who was accused in 1785 of taking blood from numerous children; she was subsequently eliminated to the extreme winter woods and left for dead. Her grisly and bloody tradition involves missing children, contaminated water, disemboweled guys, and a serial killer of children who declares to have been haunted by "an old woman ghost." Aside from some inadequate "newsreel" video of the serial killer, all this interesting information is presented convincingly and chillingly. Curse might in truth freak you out more than the motion picture, and it stimulates the terrific, pulpy In Search Of series of the '70s, among the prime motivations for filmmakers Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez. News clips of the search for Heather, Josh, and Mike lend a vérité atmosphere to the procedures, but shed little light on their strange disappearance or their characters. Essentially, it's a tease to go see the motion picture. Still, The Blair Witch Project offered only ever-so-slight information on the legend that haunted the forest, so you'll desire this skillfully built mock documentary to supplement your understanding of the movie. -- Mark Englehart

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