Tales from the Crypt: Season 5

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Tales from the Crypt: The Complete Fifth Season( DVD) Full of enjoyable and shocks, the 5th season of Tales from the Crypt showcases a happily haunted collection of scares and silliness for viewers warm and bleeding(sorry, breathing.) Ready to delight the feverishly distorted mind are "Forever Ambergris,"with Boardwalk Empire's Steve Buscemi and The Who's Roger Daltrey representing war professional photographers;"Two for the Show,"with Traci Lords, David Paymer and Vincent Spano involved in a tale of wife and death;"Well Cooked Hams," with Martin Sheen and Billy Zane putting hocus pocus in focus as rival magicians; plus 10 more spooky encounters of fate, fiends and flat-out funniness, showcasing Bill Paxton, Brooke Shields, Tim Curry, Wil Wheaton, John Stamos and even Batman's Adam West. Do not lose out as the Crypt Keeper delivers more keepers (and terrorific puns) in the atmos-fearic 5th season.]] > What's that? You state there's insufficient shock in your life? Well, let your old fearsome buddy, the Crypt Keeper,

put some pep into your tired blood with another fortunate 13 episodes of Tales from the Crypt, the shock-show series based on the infamous E.C. scary comics of the 1950s. As with Crypt's previous periods, the gruesome formula in the 1993 Season 5 stays the very same: Half-hour episodes rife with murderous spouses, the walking dead, and horrific twists of fate, liberally enlivened with gallons of gore and nudity, and showcasing some of Hollywood's most popular faces behind and in front of the electronic camera. The season's hellacious highlights are most likely Gary Fleder's" Forever Ambergris, "with Steve Buscemi and the Who's Roger Daltrey as rival battle professional photographers whose competitors comes to a sticky end thanks to exposure to chemical weapons; and the season opener," Death of Some Salesman "(by Gilbert Adler, who later on helmed the Crypt theatrical feature Bordello of Blood), with Tim Curry in three functions as a rural household with a big surprise for a duplicitous bilker (Ed Begley Jr.). In other places, actor Kyle MacLachlan directs Hector Elizondo and Patsy Kensit in the noirish "As Ye Sow "; Highlander's Russell Mulcahy supervises Bill Paxton and Michael Lerner in the grisly vengeance tale"People Who Live in Brass Hearses "; and Kevin Hooks unleashes Traci Lords and David Paymer in"Two for the Show,"a traditional E.C. story of henpecked partners and overheated wives, with a splattery switcheroo at its conclusion. Entourage's Kevin Dillon, Martin Sheen, Brooke Shields, Lou Diamond Phillips, John Stamos, and Cheech Marin are also showcased in the ghoulish goings-on, with Gregory (Rescue Me) Broaden, the late Jeffrey Boam(The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. ), and Uli Edel(Last Exit to Brooklyn )amongst the other directors orchestrating the on-screen mayhem. John Kassir, the voice of the Crypt Keeper, returns to offer narrative for the set's sole additional, a"virtual comicbook"thatshowcases the initial comic on which"Salesman"was based.-- Paul Gaita

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