Tales from the Crypt: Season 4

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Tales from the Crypt: The Complete Fourth Season (DVD )Monsters. Insanity. Chaos. And, naturally, the

Crypt Keeper's bad puns! Tales from the Crypt returns from the tomb once again to reanimate the best in humor and horror. Look into all 14 Season 4 episodes hosted by the comically cadaverous Crypt Keeper. Here for your distorted amusement are the episodes "Split Personality,"about a lounge lizard (Joe Pesci)getting more than he planned on when he weds identical twins;"Werewolf Concerto," with Timothy(" Bond James Bond" )Dalton on the hunt for a lupine fiend; and" Beauty Rest,"with Mimi Rogers as a starlet who had actually kill for a part. Plus watch out for Tom Hanks, Sugar Ray Leonard, Dylan McDermott, Christopher Reeve, 80s rocker Adam Ant and a hot-rodding Brad Pitt in these terribly fun tales from filmmakers such as Lethal Weapon's Richard Donner, The Walking Dead's Frank Darabont and The Matrix's Joel Silver.]] > The Cryptkeeper dusts off another set of horror yarns in this 4th collection of Tales from the Crypt, including more semi-big-stars,
a handful of name directors, and a bunch of excruciatingly bad puns. There are some goodies here if you're classic for 1950s-era comic-book scares( or for classic 1992 late-night pay-cable), however this 4th season represents diminishing returns for the franchise. The 14 episodes get off to a poor start with the first installments, consisting of"None however the Lonely Heart"(directed by Tom Hanks, who cameos), about a Lothario(Treat Williams) who weds and eliminates rich old ladies, and "This'll Kill Ya" (directed by Robert Longo), about a nasty drug scientist(Dylan McDermott). The series 'really erratic nudity is provided here by Sonia Braga. Of the famous directors represented, finest in show is John Frankenheimer, whose"Maniac at Large "makes sinuous usage of a single

set, a large library; Blythe Danner plays a meek librarian in fear of a serial killer, and Salome Jens (star of Frankenheimer's" Seconds")is her shrewish boss. Somewhere else, William Friedkin need to be embarrassed by"On a Deadman's Chest,"an incredibly silly rock & roll aspect of a tattoo with a life of its own. And Richard Donner's "Showdown,"while providing a welcome little bit of Western environment, is either an existential puzzler or an unfinished production. The directorial novelty should be "Split Personality ", a story of a con man(Joe Pesci)seducing a rich pair of twins. It's one of the more amusing episodes, and it marks the sole directing trip for Hollywood mega-producer(and Tales officer manufacturer)Joel Silver. For sheer perversity, few sectors top"Beauty Rest", in which aspiring actress Mimi Rogers ends up being sorry for an effective audition(with Buck Henry, of everyones). The biggest rising-star find is most likely Brad Pitt in "King of the Road ", a lame tale of hotrod racers. Timothy Dalton, then fresh from his James Bond run, stars in among the

much better shows in this set,"Werewolf Concerto, "a creative piece about a monster hunter staying at a lodge terrified by a lycanthrope. Maybe the most sustained episode-- nailing the series'mix of campy humor and gory shock-- is"What's Cookin',"in which Christopher Reeve, the owner of an all-squid restaurant, revitalizes the business by changing to a various sort of meat. The minimal bonus are a commentary track for the Chris Reeve episode(consisting of the voice of the Cryptkeeper, John Kassir)and a perfunctory montage about the season's stars.

The show has a faithful following that will enjoy to own this set, however for any person else it have to be kept in mind that season 4 is a year of decrease, and not the location to begin for horror-curious boils and ghouls.-- Robert Horton

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