Severed & Carnivore & Children Living Dead & Creep

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SEVERED (Rated - R): On a nighttime basis, headless bodies are showing up all over the city. When the cops discover 2 of their own beheaded, they understand they need to do something to end this terrible killing spree. The cops contact ex-FBI representative turned bounty hunter Martin Blake. Within twenty-four hours, Blake satisfies the mysterious and hot Evangelina Lavoue and the 2 are thrown headfirst into the nocturnal world of the man known only as the "Head Hunter." As the 2 are drawn deeper and deeper into a world of voodoo and ceremonial murder, they discover that in order to ruin evil, you need to challenge it first in your very own soul. CARNIVORE (Rated - R): From afar, the old Romero house resembles a decrepit old estate, reputedly haunted. What the locals don't understand is that behind the exterior of the ancient structure, the U.S. government has constructed an advanced, high-tech field laboratory which houses one of the world's most gruesome experiments - a terrible, genetically crafted, menacing meat-eating monster. When the task's chief, Dr. Westmont, undervalues the stamina and intelligence of the beast, he satisfies a bloody fate, and unexpectedly the animal is totally free to roam your home. At the exact same time, four local teenagers sneak into your home to spend the night, and what started as a night of fun becomes a chamber of horrors as they race to save themselves from The Carnivore. KIDS OF THE LIVING DEAD (Rated - R): The plague continues. When Matthew Michaels shows up in a rural town in Pennsylvania to fulfill his father's desires of developing a little, relatively innocent piece of land, it marks the start of a terrible phenomenon. The land is an old cemetery, and those buried there are awakened and begin to stroll the earth when again. Now the hunt is on as the living dead stalk their prey, developing from the shadows and terrorizing and eliminating the townspeople. And with the taste of human flesh in their mouths, the hunger of the fatal zombies magnifies. Your worst fears have simply come true. Pray for a quick death. WEIRD CRAWLERS (Rated - PG-13): When Dr. Ben Cahill takes a leave of absence from his medical practice and transfers to Orrs Island off the coastline of Maine, all he anticipates is some quiet time away. But the solace of the small island is shattered when strange and frightening deaths begin to happen. The victims appear to have actually died by natural causes, yet each body has red pest bites on its flesh. When an autopsy exposes one dead man's chest cavity filled with insect cocoons, Cahill is frightened to find that a rare breed of African cockroaches has attacked the island, and they are utilizing the inside of people as reproducing grounds! Now, it's a race against time as the islanders try everything they can to get away the fatal bugs before they are consumed alive!

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