I Spit on Your Grave (Unrated)

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Unforgiving. Uncompromising. Unmerciful. Unrated.

The initial version was reviled, condemned, and prohibited around the globe for its on-screen representations of viciousness and violence. Now experience the acclaimed remake that attempts to go even further: Jennifer Hills (a courageous performance by Sarah Butler) is a big-city author who leases an isolated nation cabin to write her brand-new book. However when she is brutally raped by a group of vicious hillbillies, Jennifer has prepare for more than mere vengeance. One-by-one she will find them. She will cause dreadful acts of agonizing torture upon them. And no jury in America would ever convict her. Jeff Branson (All My Children), Daniel Franzese (Bully), Rodney Eastman (A Nightmare On Elm Street 3 & 4), Chad Lindberg (The Fast and The Furious) and Tracey Walter (The Silence of The Lambs) co-star in this graphic, stunning and undoubtedly disturbing brand-new take on among the most questionable movies of all time.The 1978 edition
of I Spit on Your Grave has been hailed as a milestone of film horror and inspiration to the "Fangoria" generation. It's likewise been damned, knocked, and figuratively spat upon not only for its hatefully misogynist premise, however likewise for the laughable ineptitude of its technical (under)achievements. In fact, the bloody disgusting and offensive points it scores are basically off the charts. That's either a favorable or the nastiest kind of negative, depending on the audience's taste for bad moviemaking and a philosophically repulsive center. This remake from 2010 stays mostly true to the black soul of the initial, however bumps up the design into the most elegant locations of cinematography, art direction, production design, and even acting. The story follows Jennifer (Sarah Butler), a top-model-beautiful writer, as she endeavors into a Deliverance-esque backwater where she prepares to finish her next novel. It's nothing however bucolic cabin views and attractive bog-and-bayou area in which she pokes at her laptop computer, beverages wine and smokes a little weed, and lounges around in sweats, a swimsuit, or sometimes nothing at all. Those boneheaded hillbillies at the gas station who she humiliated with her city-chick sass start chewing over methods to offer her the comeuppance she should have for being an uppity know-it-all bitch. With assistance from their regional constable, who's an evil-hearted excellent ol' boy too, they set out to scare her in every method possible, which means repeated sexual humiliation to the nth degree. However because repayment is likewise a bitch, she seemingly increases from the dead to come back and kill 'em all in the most gruesome methods and with skillfully creative and sexually debasing ability. So in essence we have a film that pleases the urge for violent retribution in both males and females, makes the gore hounds squeal with pleasure, and stands as another perfect target for individuals to deplore the degradation of women in pop culture. As for those technical highlights, there was plainly an affordable budget plan making I Spit on Your Grave based upon the manufacturers' affordable expectation that it had a built-in audience, especially for the home video market. The disc's special features include a couple of deleted scenes (even for this "unrated" version), discourse from the director and manufacturer, and the featurette The Revenge of Jennifer Hills: Remaking a Cult Icon, where the stars discuss exactly what "an honor as a star" it was to be part of the task, and the "benefit that we got to go so deeply dark." Honor and benefit or shame and outrage? In between those extremes there's something for everyone in I Spit on Your Grave.--Ted Fry

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