Friday the 13th: Killer Cut (Widescreen Edition)

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Camp Crystal Lake has actually been shuttered for over 20 years due to numerous vicious and unsolved murders. The camp's brand-new owner and 7 young therapists prepare the building for re-opening despite cautions of a "death curse" by regional homeowners. Menstruation shows true on Friday the 13th as one by one each of the therapists is stalked by a violent killer.If you believed a bigger budget plan and an A-list manufacturer(Michael Bay) would go to Jason's head, well, forget it. The indestructible bad guy of a lot of bottom-of-the-barrel shockers isn't really ready to alter his shtick, and the 2009 Friday the 13th shows it. This, the umpteenth sequel (nope, it's not a remake of the origin story )to the initial 1980 movie, provides us a creative prologue that manages to fit an entire Jason Voorhees eliminating spree in a brisk and bloody 20 minutes. Jumping ahead six weeks, the film presents a carload of unaware teenagers headed for a weekend at a lakeside cabin, plus an only motorcyclist(Jared Padalecki) trying to find his missing sister (Amanda Righetti). When the"lakeside"occurs to refer to Crystal Lake, of course, there can be just one result. Cue the hockey mask, and pass the machete. Bay and director Marcus Nispel, who worked together on the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake, are surprisingly indifferent to changing up the formula this time, although there's more care taken in developing a couple of characters, and for once the comic relief( mainly provided by Aaron Yoo and Arlen Escarpeta)is pretty funny. You might even regret the slaughter of a number of these young folk, which is an uncommon feeling in Friday-watching. The film's Jason is fairly the athletic fellow, and he's assembled a fancy underground corpse-hiding lair in the vicinity of Crystal Lake. How he's had the ability to live down there for 30 years (if the film's own timeline is to be believed )and had sufficient unwitting campers go by to keep himself entertained is any person's guess. If they keep coming, he'll keep slashing.-- Robert Horton On the disc The extended Killer Cut is 106 minutes compared to 97 for the theatrical cut, and it's difficult to picture deciding to view the theatrical cut if you have a choice

. In addition to some more of Amanda Righetti and of Jason, the additional 9 minutes is mainly more gore in the gory scenes and more sex in the hot scenes. If you're squeamish you might not desire those things, but if you're that squeamish you most likely do not wish to view Friday the 13th In the very first place? The longer cut will certainly provide you more of the things that you most likely view this movie for. There's also an 11-minute featurette on the brand-new movie and 3 deleted scenes (a various variation of Jason getting his mask, the authorities response to the telephone call, and a revised climax).-- David Horiuchi

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